Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 6 Einhoven- Mensen 8, Transfers, service and the rain!

Hello Hello,

Holy cow this has been a fun week! So much has happened and it's just gone by so stinking fast. But it has been a great one nonetheless. I have really come to realize that on a mission. That you choose whether or not you have an amazing week. It all comes down to your attitude. You can be down and sad because you aren't seeing the success you feel you deserve. Or you can go around always with a smile on your face being grateful for all that you have been given! And no matter the circumstances still serve with you heart. Attitude is a little change that makes a big difference. I love it.

Well this week we had the opportunity to work with a the singing elders in our mission and that has been pretty great. They are putting on a big fireside here the end of this coming month and so they were here sharing about that this week with our investigators, members and Less actives. It has been super fun working with them. I think that they are going to help give the work a little boost here by sharing that talent they have.

This past Friday we were able to have an amazing lesson. I was here on exchanges with Elder Roberts and we were going to teach a former investigator named Jennifer. She used to meet with the missionaries about five years ago. But she said she wasn't prepared at the time to accept what they had to offer. Well about 4 weeks ago she had an experience in her life and she came to know and see heavenly Father as a father figure in her life. Then randomly after how ever many years we the missionaries randomly show up on her door again. She began to tell us how she feels she has been prepared to accept our message that she couldn't accept years ago. We had an amazing lesson with her and the spirit was so amazing. Then we had these elders come and sing I am a child of God to end. The spirit filled the room and touched her heart. She was very open and accepting to what we had to share. It was great to see the way the spirit can work through us but also through music. It was an inspiring appointment.

We were also able to get our hands a little bit dirty this past week and do some service. That's always fun to do. Especially when you really see how grateful the people you serve are. The spirit of service is something special.

Well last night we got our phone calls for transfers. President called us and told me that I will be staying In Eindhoven but switching companions to Elder Da Silva and becoming a Zone leader. I am super excited to see what kind of lessons and opportunities this is going to bring me. I feel sometimes I am not really qualified, but I know that with the the help of the Lord it will all work out.

Thank you all for the love, prayers and support. It means the world. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get back to all of you. I will try to next week. But just know I am thankful for your email. I hope you all have an amazing week and remember the church is true! LOVES!

Love, Elder Parr

Elder Gleave and I in our natural habitat:)

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