Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 4 Eindhoven - What a week!!

Dames en Heren hello hello,

I know this week was an amazing week but holy cow I am having one of those memory failing mornings if you know what i'm talking about. Don't you just love those days when you wake up and feel like you have slept for a year. That has been today. And on top of that I forgot my journal and stuff to give me a refresher. That's what a companion is for I guess. Love Elder Gleave he's a great son! But I'll do my best to throw some highlights out there.

The first thing that comes to mind is an awesome door we knocked this week. Elder Gleave and I have been looking up a lot of less actives and formers and working in their areas after. Well this week we went and knocked on a door and a lady from syria and her son answer the door and said that the lady we were looking for didn't live her here anymore. Then she's like come in. And we are like okay sure. And we sit down and she's like do want something to drink? We got some water. Five seconds later, do you guys want some ice cream. And she continued to serve us two huge bowls of ice creams. We were being treated like kings! Those are always the best doors if i'd say so my self haha. But the door slam is also necessary, those ones really help you grow and come to know what kind of missionary and person you are. Are you going to quit or work even harder? But anyways we continued to have a cool little lesson with them and will actually be seeing them tonight. Great little miracle.

the next day elder hills and I knocked on a door and this lady gave us all of these crackers and juice boxes and was just so nice to us. unfortunately she wasn't interested in our message but she sure knew what it meant to love your neighbors. Great example to me.

Other then that this week consisted of a lot of finding and look ups. Which is keeping us pretty busy. We are praying that it will pay off and we'll be blessed with people to work with. And fulfill our purpose of helping people come unto Christ.

We also had a day of messing with bikes. Man I don't know what the people over here were thinking. they bike more then any country yet make it harder to fix a bike then a car. But we were able to get our bikes working. Harry actually got a flat tire so he left his bike at our house. We had to fix it and then I got to Ghost bike it for 4.5 kilometers back to his house. that was an adventure.

Well thanks for all of the love and support you all give to us missionaries. I love you all!! Have an amazing week and remember, the church is true and God loves you!

Elder Parr

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